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The mission of Secular Safe House is to provide safe refuge, resources and support to those coming out of religion, cults, or as LGBT through a global network of secular humanists


Secular Safe House is building a global network of secular humanists with the primary goal of providing those coming out of religion, cults, or as LGBT with the resources and support they need.  Secondarily, the platform is intended to help interconnect and strengthen the secular community.

We are developing a housing program to assist those facing undesirable living situations or being displaced due to coming out as an unbeliever or as LGBTQ  (or any member of our community) with locating temporary or permanent housing.

Social networking functionality is being added to this website, which will transform it into an online community. This will  make it easier for members to find the connections and resources they need as well as offer support to others. In the meantime, you can share your story and support others by participating on our Facebook group.


“Coming Out Conversations” are interviews with those who have come out of religion, cults or as LGBTQ as well as leaders in the secular movement.


One of the most destructive aspects of religious superstition is that it can drive people to do things that go against our better nature, like shunning a child because they no longer accept your worldview. The Jehovah's Witnesses cult is notorious for this, but shunning family for their unbelief at some level or another is not unique to extreme cults. ...

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A safe refuge for those coming out of religion, cults, or as LGBTQ